Events 2019

The Eisenmoorbad Spa offers a variety of cultural and leisure activities. On this page you can find an overview of the various events.

Celebrate the most beautiful day in your life with us

The Kurhotel is your ideal accommodation if you choose to celebrate your wedding in Bad Schmiedeberg. There is enough room to accommodate all your wedding guests. You can finish off your celebrations by breakfasting together in the hotel and reviewing your wedding day. The historic art nouveau Kurhaus serves as a branch of the local registry office and, together with the restaurant, the grand ballroom and the Kurhaus-garden, it will provide you with a perfect setting to enjoy the most beautiful day in your life. The art nouveau Kurhaus is also perfectly suited for other celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries, or company and Christmas parties. Please find more information on the website of the Kurhaus.

A peaceful, constructive environment for your conference

The rooms of the historic art nouveau Kurhaus are also perfect for your company or institution to hold conferences in a quiet and constructive atmosphere. The idyllic environment with a swan pond, landscaped areas and park will make your creative seminars and workshops into a success. You can finish off your long conference day in the ideal atmosphere of the Kurhotel.

Calendar of Events

PIANO-ABEND | Livemusik mit Mr. Smith & Sohn

Musikalischer Frühschoppen Kapelle Krach

Wanderung mit Holzhacker-Achim

Erinnerungen an Heinz Quermann

Entdecken Sie den Bad Schmiedeberger Barfußpfad mit dem Heidemönch

Kurtheater 'Irren ist menschlich'

Busfahrt Wittenberg und die Reformation

Tanzabend mit DJ Leo

Kremserfahrt 'Heidetour'

Sommerkonzert mit Iris Lentjes

Sommerkonzert im Pfarrhof mit Schülern der lokalen Musikschule

Jürgen Hilbrecht Kurtheater

Die Kneipp-TherapieVortrag von Badeärztin Dr. med. Iris Kröber

Kochkurs mit Sandra Schneider - Blüten in der Kneipp-Küche

Tanzabend mit DJ Silvio

Ausstellungseröffnung Hr Hoepfner

Kurwanderung mit Pfarrer Gramzow nach Patzschwig

Entdecken Sie den Bad Schmiedeberger Barfußpfad mit dem Heidemönch


Tanzabend | Livemusik mit Gerd Löschmann